Because life is for living!

I’d decided that the shape of the engine cover lent itself very nicely to some shading. PlastiDip spray did that job and then I added a red earthing kit and cable covers to the mix.

It’s all turning red under there

The stock wheels on the 350GT perform their function very well. They provide the mix of comfort and performance that you'd want to delivery as a factory, but not necessarily what you'd want to have as a driver!

Changing the wheels was on my list of modifications to the GT and the guys up at WheelMania (wheelmania.co.uk) were really helpful in getting not only the right fit, but the right look.

So of course I'm going to do things to it..

  • Bodywork update. Sills, front and rear bumpers
  • Wheels
  • Replace the Japanese import radio with a UK one (this means replacing the center console too)
  • Interior lighting - the stock bulbs are, well they're bulbs, yellowish and boring.
  • New numberplate - yes it's going to get personal...

In the fullness of time I might start playing with the engine, but it's cosmetics first and power later.