Leviathan Axe – God of War

I’ve just started God of War: Ragnarok and thought I’d give Kratos’ big chopper a go!

Like many weapons this one goes through a lot of visual iterations as you progress through the game, but I like the ‘used and abused’ look when I’m making things, so we’re going for the basic model(ish).

Ultima Blade

The Ultima Blade from Assassins Creed: Origins, also known as the Engine Blade from Final Fantasy XV. This was in AC:Origins as a crossover / launch event I believe but […]

Broken Spear of Leonidas

I like the look of the third version of the spear, it’s re-made to a point where it’s become something special but retains an element of what it was in the leather wrap around the handle.

Batman Cowl

I didn’t do a lot of pics on this one I’m afraid… too busy playing with new toy!

The construction is from 6mm HD EVA foam which was cut and also engraved using the Sculpfun S9.

Sculpfun S9 Laser

So, this one isn’t really a build. OK so yes, I needed to build it because it came as a kit. I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting a […]

Custom Mjolnir

After I’d done the first Mighty Thor Mjolnir I was showing it off – the way you do – and was asked “Can you make me one of those, but […]

Mighty Thor Mjolnir

Build This Mjolnir was 3D printed from an STL which I sourced from Do3D.com. Ok I paid for it, but I reckon it was worth it. Printing was pretty straightforward […]

Lara’s Makeshift Bow

When you’re shipwrecked and alone, even a bundle of sticks can make the difference between survival and starvation – or being mauled by a wolf.