I didn’t do a lot of pics on this one I’m afraid… too busy playing with new toy!

The construction is from 6mm HD EVA foam which was cut and also engraved using the Sculpfun S9. This was one of the reasons for getting the laser as I wated to be able to get patters cut into the surface of the foam in a controllable and repeatable way and certainly in a way that doesn’t relay on my dodgy eyes and questionable manual dexterity!

I got the pattern from a seller who also had a video of the construction which made life a little bit easier. It’s all just glued with contact adhesive and CA glue.


The cowl was treated with the heat gun to seal it and then got a couple of coats of Plastidip to give the paint a nice key and provide a little bit of texture.

Gunmetal metallic spray was used for the majority with a metallic black airbrushed onto the darker panels and also used to provide some shading and definition to the brow and nose areas.

The chin strap actually got replaced after this picure was take as I didn’t like the thickness. 4mm HD foam was used instead.

The cowl fits my head perfectly BUT, this actually isn’t for me, it’s for a friends god-son who is 5. So I added from soft upholstery foam pads covered in some black textured PU and it looks great!


  • 6mm HD EVA foam
  • 4mm HD EVA foam
  • Plastidip
  • Contact adhesive
  • CA glue
  • hook/loop tape
  • Metallic Gunmetal spray
  • Metallic black airbrush colour (Vallejo)


  • Sculpfun S9 laser cutter / engraver
  • Heat gun
  • Craft knife
  • Airbrush