The Ultima Blade from Assassins Creed: Origins, also known as the Engine Blade from Final Fantasy XV.

This was in AC:Origins as a crossover / launch event I believe but when I saw it a knew it was one I had to make!


After sourcing a good set of STLs, the printing process started. Of course it was only half way through that I noticed the prints from the big printer (the XFORM-D) were… well a bit wonky.

Investigation resulted in new belts being required as the steel reinforcement had corroded and the belts had stretched.

Only the entire blade and half of the body to be re-printed….

Putting the blade together was the first part of the process. There’s a steel rod which runs the length of the blade into the handle to give it some stability and structure. Even so there was still some movement at the joints which I couldn’t get rid of. Next time, more inserts and more glue I think!

The other bits were prepped and sorted in the usual way. Sanding, filling, sanding filling ad infinitum before paint and assembly.


  • Matt PLA
  • Knifing putty
  • CA glue
  • 6mm steel rod
  • 80 / 120 / 200 grit sanding paper, sheets and pads
  • Spray putty
  • Filler/primer
  • Metallic gunmetal acrylic spray
  • Metallic gold acrylic spray
  • Burnt umber acrylic paint


  • Both of my custom build 3D printers
  • Detail sander
  • Rotary tool
  • Needle files
  • Craft knives