When Anthem was first teased I was hooked. I’ve always loved mechs and the Javelin armoured suit looked fantastic! When the game itself arrived I wasn’t disappointed – by the armour. The game itself, well it had some really good point, but it also had some pretty bad ones.

Svetlana of Kamui Cosplay was commissioned to make a javelin pilot outfit and one of the props was this Ranger helmet. I decided I’d make one too!

It’s a completely EVA foam build and I used the pepakura design available from Kamui Cosplay for free as my starting point. Build the pepakura model (actually only half because you mirror the pattern) cut it into pattern pieces and the transfer those patterns to the foam. Each piece was bevelled at the edges to create the panel lines and I’l admit I did have a fight smoothing out some of the joins, especially in the deep hollows at the ‘ears’ of the helmet.

The painting made the prop through and I’m really pleased with the shading I was able to show with the airbrush.

Gunmetal as a base with the other colours masked off and layered in.