Mek’Leth #1


A far from pristine example of this modern melee weapon recovered from a smugglers cache and sold as part of a bulk lot. No Klingon would take this weapon of course, as it would be seen as a symbol of failure as a warrior, but for collectors this has obviously seen action and represents a perfect opportunity to obtain a weapon of a type which does not come to market very often.

I’ve actually made 2 of these as the first was such a hit I was asked to make a second – nice to know!


5mm plywood core between 2 x 4mm eva foam outers. Core provide stability and the EVA will provide the ability to carve damage and wear.

Core is cut to fit inside the blade bevel lines providing a clean delineation and shape template and removing the need to work the wooden edges


Surface sealed with Plasti-Dip with aluminium metallic spray applied until smooth. Edges dulled with silver acrylic applied with brush. A laquer applied over the bright aluminium finish knocked the shine back, but actually gave a nice base for the weathering pass.

Handle simply wrapped in leather, weathered with raw umber wash.

Entire blade weathered with raw umber / mars black wash with a lot of ‘dirt’ left in place. Fullers earth powder used to further age the grip and red bole powder brushed over everything for deeper colouration / patina.


  • 4mm EVA Foam
  • 5mm plywood – cheap sort from B&Q
  • Black Plasti-Dip spray
  • WRX Aluminium 902 spray – Amazon link
  • Gloss automotive laquer
  • Brown leather off-cuts – eBay item
  • Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Process Black Acrylic paint
  • Fuller Earth powder
  • Red Bole pigment powder

Tools used

  • Evolution Jigsaw with fine wood blade
  • Heavy craft knife
  • Heavy scissors / sheers
  • Evo-Stik Impact Adhesive
  • CA Glue
  • Rotary tool with coarse and medium sanding drums