How better to celebrate a victory – especially over a Mythosaur – than to have a skull plaque on the wall?!

This one came from a build done by Steve at SKSProps and I’ve made a couple of these as my friend Dan loved it and wanted one too!

Steve’s design is available here


This is a total EVA build (barring the foam clay) and was as simple as cutting out base on Steve’s design, layering up the EVA pieces and blending and sculpting with Foam Clay.

When the build was done, it was a question of sculpting the nose bones, cutting the textures into the surfaces and added the sinus holes and scarring to the bones – as well as the iconic lightening cut.


The foam was heat sealed and the I used a couple of coats of PVA to provide a base for the paint. A red primer was used and then unbleached titanium and parchment heavy acrylic paints used in varying coverage layers to give the bone colour and depth. A wash of black and burnt umber was put over the whole surface and wiped back and then a final dry brush of parchment acrylic used to pick out the high points.