D’k tahg – a quick and dirty build


This one really was quick and dirty. I wanted an ‘extra’ to present alongside the Bat’Leth I made for my friend, so this was done as a sort of ‘this is the D’k tahg you get in the gift shop on the way out of the Klingon Warrior museum’ style. Rough, functionaly adequate but that’s about it.

The bulk was 3d Printed, but I hand made the blade from a piece of 5mm acrylic a the 3d print layer lines would have been just too much on something this scale (I can live with the textures on the grip..).

The side-blade mechanism works but I also hand made the switch slider from acrylic to get the finish and action I wanted.

This actually turned out to be a very tactile piece, flicking the side blades in and out is a really satisfying action!


Black was shaped, smoothed and then textured to give the edge a rough-ground effect. It was then airbrushed silver along with the side-blades. The main body is covered in black Plasti-dip, nothing else. Silver Rub’n’Buff was used to pick out the edges on the side blades and buttons and that was it!