This car ticked off a number of boxes for me. It was cheap (I mean REALLY cheap), it's a decent size - I'm 6'2" tall so I've got to fit in - it's a coupe but it's got 4 seats and it's even got a boot, it's 3.5 liters of v6 noise and the biggest tick... it's a Skyline!

So of course I'm going to do things to it..

  • Bodywork update. Sills, front and rear bumpers
  • Wheels
  • Replace the Japanese import radio with a UK one (this means replacing the center console too)
  • Interior lighting - the stock bulbs are, well they're bulbs, yellowish and boring.
  • New numberplate - yes it's going to get personal...

In the fullness of time I might start playing with the engine, but it's cosmetics first and power later.